Getting Started

SyncStage is now accessible through Early Access. To begin utilizing the SDK, please complete this form to request your Early Access Code. We will reach out to you shortly to provide you with the necessary information.


Q. How many simultaneous users can SyncStage support?

A. Currently, SyncStage can accommodate up to 8 simultaneous users.

Q. Can users utilize SyncStage when not connected to the 5G network?

A. Yes, 5G is not a prerequisite. Users can access SyncStage with any type of internet connection. The quality of the experience improves with a better and more stable connection.

Q. Does SyncStage require special hardware to run?

A. No, the SyncStage SDK for mobile is compatible with most relatively new Android and iOS devices. However, some low-latency capabilities may not be available on older devices. Refer to the platform-specific SyncStage documentation for detailed information.

Q. How does SyncStage calculate SDK usage?

A. SyncStage calculates the usage based on the number of minutes each user is connected to a session. Developers can monitor usage through the Developer Console.

Q. How do I pay for SyncStage?

A. During the Early Access Phase, developers will receive monthly invoices. The total amount on the invoice depends on the usage and the selected plan.